Welcome! With a members like you, we can build and grow our business community in Austin area. We depend on people willing to contribute their time and support to our organization to ensure Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce is able to operate.

Please, fill out the membership application detailly.

The membership year runs from October until September. The initial dues will be prorated based on the month member joins. If memeber joins July or August member would pay the full 12-month membership fee and will not be billed for their first renewal until September the following year.

The membership fee is subject to change. The membership fee is not refundable upon membership termination.


Торговая Палата

Email: [email protected]

Телефон: 512-766-8022

Адрес: 13740 Research Blvd C4,  Austin, TX 78750

Мы уважаем вашу конфиденциальность. Русскоязычная торговая палата не разглашает вашу личную информацию. С вами свяжутся, если участник или кто-то другой запросит вашу информацию