Who we are

The Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce (RSCC) was established in 2019 in Austin, Texas. We aim to bring together local businesspeople from Eastern European countries to leverage unique heritage and cultural perspective of individuals and strengthen the business community in connection with American market. Building on a foundation of common languages, the RSCC helps foster business productivity and networking for any business or individual.

Our Mission

The mission of the Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce is to organize, support, promote, and bring together Russian-Speaking American businesspeople to establish a unified community. The RSCC seeks to help grow members’ business and networking opportunities.

Our Goals


Create an open and welcoming atmosphere for networking and cultural assimilation


Host events, such as business breakfasts and luncheons, seminars and workshops with industry experts who share their knowledge and expertise


Develop new programs to serve our members


Establish a community that promotes members sharing their professional experiences

Our Principles


Insist on ethical, honest, and transparent business practices


Respect diversity of members and the business community


Value positive business relationships within the community and beyond

“I am a native Texan with Russian and Ukrainian roots, my mother being first-generation American. The desire to maintain a connection with the Russian-speaking world and its culture is what originally led me to this Chamber.  Our goal is to draw support from the shared languages, history, and cultures that unite us, and to use that support to strengthen ourselves as professionals and individuals. We often say that we are ‘stronger together,’ and this is true– even business competitors stand to gain from networking together, as common goals can lead to collaborative efforts.  We hope to serve not just as a foundation for our members to find the organization and support they need to thrive in the American market, but also as a trusted source of various business professionals for the local community. We invite all to be a part of our cultural and business network!”

Ryan Zapalac

President and CEO

Russian Speaking

Chamber of Commerce

We respect your privacy. Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce will not share any of your personal information. You will be contacted in the event of a member or non-member requesting your information