As one of the most important aspects of the Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce, we offer our members inside-network referrals, and inside-member offers, and promotions are a great benefit to help promote and develop your business and establish professional connections. 

For non-members looking for professionals in a particular field, please feel free to reach out to us directly so we can refer you to one of our trusted members who offers the services you need.



Members and non-members alike are welcome to join our networking events, to help make closer business connections and develop personal relationships with other professionals in the area! We strive to create a casual, relaxed atmosphere for networking, where all can grab a bite to eat, have a cocktail, and partake in webinar or in-person event. 

Check out our CALENDAR for our event listings. If you would like to host an event, please contact [email protected]

Education/Workshops and Seminars

Our members and guests host seminars and workshops as professionals in their area of expertise, oftentimes focusing on hot topics based on market and business demands. 

Members and non-members are welcome to join the seminars and workshops to learn more about the latest trends and news in a wide variety of professional fields.

Marketing on Demand

The Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce offers a comprehensive marketing programs for our members, designed to be custom-tailored to suit the needs of your business.

AS some marketing methods and channels may not be as effective as others, and it is often intimidating and confusing to select a marketing and promotional team for your business, the Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce desires to simplify the marketing search for our members while making sure the unique aspects of their businesses are given full attention.

Start-Up Entrepreneur Program

Whether you are thinking to start a new business from abroad or locally, relocating your existent business or simply moving your family to Central Texas, we are here to help! The Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce gathered all professionals you are looking for under one roof.  


This program would benefit individuals and companies that are interested in finding new business opportunities in the United States.

Women in Business

RSCC is providing women with an opportunity to grow and make new business connections. This program focuses on empowering and uniting professional women through business development and community relations.  We offer to provide you with much needed support, help you to reach high levels of success in business, family, community outreach and charity involvement.

Mentor, be a Friend

The mission of this program is to connect, develop and promote the building of relationships that create opportunity for members seeking professional and personal growth. You don’t have to represent the same field of expertise to make a personal or professional connection with an individual. Learn, admire, grow and support are the key components in this particular program. 

RSCC wants to make sure our members have access to interpersonal support, guidance, and experience exchange between each other. In many cases a Friendship is the best start to a successful business connection and collaboration. Reach out, plan a communication, start your new day with new friends!

Community Programs

Social purpose and wellbeing for everyone is a big goal of the RSCC. We represent several local nonprofit organizations and support our members in their effort to serve the community! 

We have social programs to make sure all levels of the community have the opportunity to be involved and served according to their needs.


  • BMP Youth (for schools and individuals)

    BMP Business Mentor Program for Young People is a series of educational classes for youth who would like to get prepared for the future adult life and learn about business world from experienced business professionals.

  • Senior Club 

    RSCC Senior Program is a Community source for our elderly generation, who are active, looking to socialize, get involved in a community life, speak their language, safely get out of the house, meet new people, and explore!
    It doesn’t matter if you live in Austin or just visiting, RSCC is offering every senior to join and become a member! The program offers an opportunity for a participation in different activities, learn something new, meet new friends and socialize with one another.
    If you don’t drive, not a problem! Our volunteers will arrange transportation!

  • Charity Support 

Russian Speaking

Chamber of Commerce

We respect your privacy. Russian Speaking Chamber of Commerce will not share any of your personal information. You will be contacted in the event of a member or non-member requesting your information